We use TuffClips™ and slide them right under your shingle along the edge of the roof and along the gutter line.

No, prior to the installation you will have met with one of our Design Consultants where you decide what you want and the techs that complete the install will follow that plan.

You will be a part of the design process so you will have the final say with what the design looks like! When you meet with the Design Consultant they will create a mock up of what you think you want and use software to give you an idea of what your property will look like when it’s dark outside.

No, due to quality and insurance purposes we are only able to hang the lights we provide.

No, we offer an all-inclusive service. You lease our lights, we cut them to your home specifically, remove them, and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse for the following years.

We do not make you sign a contract. We feel you will love our work and our company enough to return for years to come.

No, we install timers and will input the times you want the lights to turn on and off automatically!

Give us a call, 404-596-4317! With our all-inclusive service we fix any seasonal maintenance issues.

We offer light installation along the roof and gutter lines, columns and railings, landscaping, and ground lighting. We offer warm white lights and dynamic lighting allowing you to change the lights to 8 different colors!

We will begin taking lights down after the Christmas holiday and will continue to remove them through the middle of February.

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