Hi! We are really excited to complete this project for you tomorrow.

What to Expect

Our Lead Technician will send you a text message to notify you when they are on the way to your property. This message includes their name, photo, quick bio, and even their real time GPS location so you know exactly when they will arrive to your property.


Upon arrival, the technicians will get right to work installing the lights based on the design you confirmed with the Design Consultant.


Secondly, sit back and relax while our crew does all the hard work using our industry leading equipment to make your property glimmer and glow!


Lastly, if you would like to add lights to any additional areas or have any final questions/concerns, the technicians can address these for you.

We Need Your Help Before Service!

  1. Turn on outside power outlets.
  1. Unlock gates around the property or leave us a key (it’s sometimes easier to get on the roof from the back).
  1. Park vehicles at least 10 feet from your house/building (we need space to set up extension ladders.
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